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STV (2009)

The house is a row-house nested within the dense urban fabric of the city. The proportions of the plots and strict restrictions on neighborhood planning defined the positioning and proportions of the house.

Typologically speaking the house is a concrete box with a wood clad country house positioned on top, slightly shifted and cantilevered to the north façade. The shift enlarges the space of the northern bedrooms and provides shading for the ground floor. The vertical circulation is positioned at the core of the house, which divides the programs of the house.

The staircase, the houses core, is nested between two exposed-concrete walls, while the circulation wraps around the center of the house. The spaces on all floors are defined by the stairs; there is a glass gap at the landings which offers a view from the public to private spaces on the ground floor, therefore the rear garden is visible from the kitchen and family room. On the first floor the stairs divide between the childrens bedrooms and the master bedroom, providing privacy for all users of the house. The childrens rooms have double height ceilings and galleries which make use of the pitched roof.

The house incorporates three materials - wood, slate, and exposed-concrete. These materials repeat themselves throughout the house.

Photography: Amit Geron

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