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The vision behind arstudio, a young architecture practice established in 2002, was to create a professional creative studio for architecture that would have the ability to cope with challenging design and planning situations.

The idea of Arnon Nir, founder and principal architect, was to establish a studio rather then an office, based on the belief that team work in an environment fostering interaction of ideas and attitudes, as well as mutual criticism, is essential for creating better architecture.

Over the years the studios team of architects has spearheaded projects in many scales and fields.

Projects that arstudio designed and developed in the last few years include high-end private residential houses, apartments, showrooms, galleries, boutique hotels and more. Curiosity, creativeness, seriousness, service orientated approach, patience, responsibility, love for people and passion for architecture is the studios fertile soil.

We treat each project as a join venture with our clients. While leading the creative journey, we try to be the best listeners, to be sensitive and together reach total synergy between dreams, desires, abilities and needs. 

Each journey begins with a study that leads to a concept, and throughout implementation of the project we do our best to make sure that the concepts development is present and noticeable at the end of the process, after taking into consideration all regulations, technical systems and budget, and maintaining a productive dialogue with the project manager, consultants and craftsmen involved.

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