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iDigital store (2010)

The iDigital flagship store (Apple’s exclusive distributor in Israel) is located in “Dizengoff Center” shopping mall at the heart of Tel-Aviv. The design was based on matching the company’s needs to the L shaped space that was provided. The design concept for the space relied on the delicate design characters of Apple’s products. Two of the design characters that inspired us in particular were curved corners and impressive thin profile of the products’ design.

In order to achieve a fluid open feeling in the L shaped space we placed a curved black glass-wall, around which all the various programs of the store are laid out. The wall contains accessory hangers and storage, a cash register situated in front of the curving radius and a lab located behind it. Moving throughout the store reaches a peak with two glass rooms located along the curved wall, one room is used for promoting sales and the other is designed as a professional editing studio for the use of the customers. The decision to create these rooms out of transparent glass amplifies the spatial feeling in the store yet offers the privacy needed for achieving their purposes. Organizing all the supporting programs along the curved wall provides the opportunity to use most of the space for displaying the various Apple products. For this goal we have located three display tables which are made out of a steel frame coated with white corian. Using corian provided the ability to create a thin delicate profile for the tables as well as a clean and pure lasting feeling thanks to the low physical deterioration of the corian. Along with the black glass wall, the transparent glass rooms and a black painted steel façade, the corian completes a material Pallete which provides the customer an experience that is both technologically advanced end yet embracing and pleasant when visiting the store.

Photography: Arnon Nir

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