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GTV (2008)

This project deals with a common urban situation of a shared wall between two houses by applying an original and unconventional solution.

The lot is located in one of the eastern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, touching a groove of trees and clinging to an existing residential house of a different character. Where the two houses were supposed to join, we went for separation.

Placing a dividing wall along the line between the lots, leading to the main entrance with the patio at its end and stretching from the basement along the entire structure, created a surprising external space, allowing light and air to enter from another side and allowing the house to be arranged around it.

The rear façade, the central focal point of the house, provides a view of the groove through a fully transparent façade, while the living room and dinning room are located on the ground floor and the master bedroom, divided into sleeping and bathing areas, is located on the second floor.

It was decided for all other facades to freely place openings. Every window and opening reacts to the internal programmatic situation or external-environmental in a ‘private’ manner so that the house is made up of a variety of light and air passages, glances and focuses. The more "relaxed" image of the façades reacts in a better way to the less formal character of the owners. This choice to uniquely handle the openings constitutes part of the "personalization" process of the house.

Another choice contributing to the unique feeling and personalization is breaking the monochrome palette of the house by using red-wine shades for central elements in the house, including the entrance gates, entrance and kitchen awnings, and the pergola in the back garden, which floats along the entire façade facing the groove and serves as an extension to the central entertaining space.



Photography: Amit Geron

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